We offer a variety of Packaging Solutions
from Assembly to Inspection.

Stardust Ltd. is a custom packaging solutions provider that specializes in manufacturing systems to safely and securely transport products in a timely and efficient manner. With an overall facility size of 660 square feet housing the following efficient machines, our team of packaging experts are here to successfully launch your packaging program.


Our contract packaging services include

solutions details
Packaging Folding, Assembly, Weight Inspection
Face Mask Repackaging, Distribution Processing(Inspection, bag filling, Shipping)
Cosmetics Folding, Kitting, a lot number printing, Sample packaging
Quasi-Pharmaceutical Products Folding, Kitting, a lot number printing, Sample packaging
Sanitary goods Inspection, Packing, Kitting
Towel Inspection, Assembly, Shipping
Underwear Inspection
Apparel Distribution Processing(Inspection, Packing, Shipping)
Stuffed toys Inspection, Assembly
Calendars Bag filling, Packaging
Direct Mails Collating, Hand fulfilment, Weight Inspection
Shrink packaging Books, Photo books, general goods, cosmetics
POP advertising Folding, Assembly, Weight Inspection
Labelling Correction labels
Gift wrapping Wrapping box shaped goods,(with Japanese belly belts)
Shipping Container Delivery Unloading goods from a container truck
Urgent Requirement Operations at night/ on Sundays and holidays.(Contact in advance)
Shipping Land transportation, Charter Flight
Storage Temporary storage until shipping


  • Manufacturing of Quasi-Pharmaceutical Products and Cosmetics
  • Packaging, labelling and storage of Quasi-Pharmaceutical Products and Cosmetics

Quality control by cleanroom and air shower


5 belt conveyer systems, 2 weight checkers, 2 carton sealers, 2 electric forklifts, 2 Van truck 3tons, 6 electric balances, 6 electric tape dispensers, a lot number printer

Future equipment and certifications

  • December 2020, Shrink wrap machine
  • February 2021, Metal detector
  • March 2021, Privacy mark

About Us

Managing Director
Mr. Takumi Asakura
Founded on
April 1, 2019
Located at
624, Shiro, Tokorozawashi, Saitama prefecture, 359-0013

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